Hello my name is Sam! Hi I‘m Sam! Hello my name is Sam! Hi I’m Sam! 

I’m currently a copywriter at Droga5.

In 2020, I graduated (virtually 😢) from CU Boulder with a B.S. in Strategic Communications and a B.F.A. in Art Practices.

COVID screwed up my post-grad 🍎️ big city dreams, and I spent most of the pandemic working at the Trader Joes in my hometown in CA.

About pages can only tell you so much, so here are three projects that I think describe me better than any bio or resume ever could ︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎


McEatons.com is a reguarly updated collection of my regularly rejected humor pieces written for McSweeneys.com.

From imagining the return of Jesus to selling COVID funeral caskets made by Trump, you can find most of my weird ideas below.

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American House Fire

By repurposing advertisements and images from Cold War Era National Geographic Magazines
and physically burning them to reveal hidden truth, this body of work critiques American culture
by commenting on its ignorance of human suffering and reliance upon the fruits of capitalism.
I exhibited American House Fire at the Visual Arts Center in Boulder Colorado.

The Parks

The Parks is a project about the interaction between humans and nature in the 21st Century.
I began this project with the intention of documenting America’s most treasured natural spaces through a humanistic lens.
Empathizing and honestly photographing the diverse group of visitors in our National and State Parks.

Tuesday June 22 2021

                     Nearly Natural

                     Harley Davidson
                     Lay’s Chips
                     New York Times
                     Avocados From Mexico

                            Side Projects︎︎︎  
                                           The Quarantine Zine
                                           The Parks
                                           American House Fire